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Virtual Nature 3d Switching between engines:
UE4 (02/2016)

Unity is ergonomic, has easy learning flow, materials quick to set, common coding langs(for me). But overall graphic quality is not comparable with Unreal even tho they released PBR in Unity 5. You have to spend so many bucks in order to get Unity graphics look close to UE4. Also work in Unity can be full of obstacles and hours spend as member of google reading club. Oh, and did I mention poor FPS? Unreal can handle even 100k models and run 60fps

I was afraid of blueprints in UE4... but I was able to do a lot of stuff in short time after I watched some tutorials, and voila in few hours not that I tweaked and reworked someones Inv system, but also did half of new "coding" just by myself during play around, I wasnt even expect in dreams that ones can sink into BP's that fast. You can with some programming skills just guess and try how to reach that blueprint way, it helps you that much, you don't even need to search for anything in google, you just follow logic and intuition. I did A LOT by just guessing and some basic blueprint examples.


Inventory, active objects, some basic logic, sound, lockable openable doors, footsteps related to material, sound events, sound transition, hover text, basic UI, switching graphics settings by executing console commands :) In fact, it's really easier than Unity in many cases but ones has to get used to at start. But whats more difficult and same time powerful in compare with Unity is UE4 material editor. You can spend lot of time to get common shit look as desired, but final result can blow your eyes.

Virtual Nature 3d Survival & adventure (01/2016)

Working on basic game mechanisms, tuning scripting, UI menu, Inventory and crafting. Simulation, adventure and logic.

Latest preAlpha: 0.03a1


Virtual Nature 3d
Virtual Nature 3d
This is actually my first playable game (10/2014)

Prepare for truly piece of art ;)))

Virtual Nature 3d Random environmentals

Just for learning purposes and fun.

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